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"Bakery Street's Red Velvet Cake (RVC): the best I've tasted! OK, maybe my experience with RVC in general is not that extensive. But a great cake is a great cake: moist, delicious, and perfectly (not cloyingly!) sweetened. And that is what Bakery Street RVC is. I discovered their cake at Costco during the 2009 Christmas season. It looked like a red gift box with white frosting that made up the ribbon and bow. The taste was perfectly balanced. I felt like I could eat the whole cake myself in one sitting!" ~ Sun C.

"My search for the best red velvet cake is officially over courtesy of Bakery Street! Bakery Street makes the best tasting red velvet cake hands down! Their red velvet cake is absolute perfection both in taste and decoration. The frosting is the perfect amount of sweetness, and the cake is really moist, mildly cocoa-flavored (just how i like it) and just really really yummy! I can tell they use very high quality products in their cakes. White chocolate lovers rejoice since the sides of the cake are covered with yummy pieces of white chocolate dyed in red. Aside from the fantabulous taste of their cakes, their service is also top notch. So if you are in the mood for the best red velvet cake ever, Bakery Street is your place." ~ Navi D.

"I recently found my all time best Red Velvet Cake ever from Bakery Street! My first bite into this delicious, sweet, flavorful, and beautifully presented heart shaped Red Velvet Cake just about made me swear never to eat another Red Velvet Cake other than this one ever again! If you love RVC, you can stop looking for the best around because this my yelp friends, is IT. The frosting is sweet but not too rich. The cake is perfectly moist and I mean perfectly. And to top it all off, the sides are embellished with chunky flakes of red white chocolate. Perfection." ~ Anna

Direct Customer Reviews

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"Richard and rest of Bakery Street team, My sincere compliments in executing the 'perfect' cake! Not only was the cake beautiful and exactly what we wanted but it was also delicious! I personally am not a 'cake' person and had 2nd’s and 3rd’s!!!! There wasn’t a person that didn’t have something to say about the cake and how delicious it was. Please know we gave out your information to all guest’s that asked as well as the Catering Manager at Scott’s who also inquired. Thank you again and Kudos!!!! Looking forward to the next cake we order from you… keep up the great work!!!" ~ Yoli T.

"Your palmiers are in a word delicious!! My local produce stand carries them. I was reluctant to try them at first. I lived in France for many years, where I first learned to love palmiers. But when I looked at the ingredients and realized that they had nothing artificial - I thought let's give them a try. Wow! I was completely blown away by the quality of Bakery Street's palmiers, they are crispy, sweet, buttery and light - just the way they should be. And very reasonably priced. Thank you!!" ~ Morgan

"I recently heard about these delicious Red Velvet Cakes at Costco that are very popular. I was fortunate to snag one earlier this week. You are THE Bakery Street bakery that wholesales to Costco right?? I am so thrilled you are local! I will definitely be making a visit to your bakery when Red Velvet Cakes come calling. Your Red Velvet Cakes are so yummy!" ~ Anna

"The Sesame Street cupcakes and the super Elmo cupcake were a fabulous hit at our birthday party! The quality of the character faces on the cupcakes far exceeded what I thought possible. They were absolutely adorable and it was fun to hear so many compliments about them from the guests. And, they were delicious! I'm so happy that I spotted the article about Bakery Street in the paper. I greatly appreciate the effort you put into creating these little masterpieces. I thought Abby Cadabby would be too difficult to recreate, but she was perfect! Thank you so much!!" ~ Robin

"You have the best red velvet cake, I bought it from Costco, I was very impressed! Keep it up! I hope I see your cakes for other holidays too at Costco." ~ Inderjit

"I'm a HUGE fan of your red velvet cake. I've discovered red velvet cakes during my business travels to the south and your cake is the best that I've ever had!" ~ Cindy

"I just wanted to say that your red velvet cake is the best red velvet I have ever had. I have seen it in Costco in San Diego a couple times now. Thank you so much!" ~ Lindy

"I have tried your red velvet cake at Costco and absolutly love it. My wife is obsessed with red velvet cake right now and I went to surprise her for with one for our anniversary. After alot of research I found that you guys are the makers of this wonderful cake. " ~ Sean

"In December of 2008 I purchased one of your red velvet cakes from a Costco here in San Diego, CA. It was the best velvet cake I have ever had." ~ Carlos

"I saw your red velvet heart cake on KTLA5's news morning show today. I know it was yours because I bought one last night at Costco. A very satisfied cake person." ~ Anne

"I recently had the pleasure of trying some of your Red Velvet cake in the Los Angeles area. Thank you." ~ Corry